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Co je to Identity Management

Identity Management (IdM) je centralizovaná správa identit v IT systémech. Umožňuje správným osobám přístup ke správným zdrojům, ve správný čas, ze správných důvodů a s plnou evidencí. IT systémy jsou typicky heterogenní a jsou dostupné po interní síti. Správa je prováděna zásahem administrátora v IdM nebo automatizovanými procesy.

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How to connect Microsoft Active Directory into CzechIdM

Since MS AD is the major directory service spread across the enterprise environment, connecting it to our identity manager CzechIdM is one of the most frequent task we come across. This text is a short tutorial of how to manage accounts of users in AD via an identity manager CzechIdM. It will guide you through all the steps from the connector setup to the system provisioning configuration.


This tutorial will show you how to connect AD as target system for users (their accounts) from CzechIdM. We will use AD bundle connector from connId framework.

Before you start

First of all, you need to download the connector from Connid (e.g. Connid AD bundle 1.3.4 jar file). Then import the jar file into your application server library classpath. In case you installed CzechIdM into tomcat, then it can be placed there. If your CzechIdM is running, refresh web browser window (e.g. ctrl+F5).

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Released CzechIDM 7.0 Beryl – Second public version of new CzechIdM devstack

Main milestones:

  • Frontend and backend modularity.
  • Spring event model implemented.
  • New version of account management.
  • New version of provisioning.
  • EAV froms implemented for every identity and connector configuration.
  • Secured Groovy script implemented.
  • Confidential storage api.


Enjoy. :-)