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Certificate authority module in CzechIdM, part1 – the overview

Many companies use an on-premise certificate authority (CA) for their internal purposes. Without a doubt, one specific function of the certificate authority in a company is handling users’ certificates. Those certificates are bound to physical persons and as such, they fit neatly into the identity management problematics. For this reason, CzechIdM implements the CA functionality […]

25. 9. 2017 •

Load Balancing with JMS Queue

Some time ago we were implementing Identity Management solution at an electricity distribution company. The core component was our Identity Manager CzechIdM. CzechIdM interconnects systems with portal application and enables hundreds of thousands of customers to create and manage their login information. Because of the huge number of users, CzechIdM has to withstand a significant […]

9. 6. 2014 •

RESTful API for legacy SunSSO

For various reasons, many organizations (have to) use legacy applications. That is simply a fact we need to cope with while creating integration solutions. One of our customers use really old SunSSO, which was released about ten years ago, and use it for authenticating users. This particular version of SunSSO doesn’t have any simple API […]

13. 5. 2014 •

Delegation of the approval request in CzechIdM

Delegation of the approval request extends options of requests in CzechIdM. This function gives users opportunity dynamically to choose own deputy, who have been entrusted approving incoming requests. The basic functionality Delegation, in their basic functionality, allows users move own rights and responsibility related with requests in CzechIdM to other user or a group of […]

22. 4. 2014 •

CzechIdM and customer’s self-registration to a portal

Identity Manager CzechIdM offers many standardized processes. Recently, self-registration of a customer to a portal was added. This way, CzechIdM helps to solve the problem how to deliver registration data securely: customers authenticate themselves in the process of self-registration and CzechIdM enables them to set their initial password.

13. 2. 2014 •

Year 2013 in BCV

2013 in BCV 2013 was for us and for our customers the year, of massive increase in managed accounts and number of systems connected to CzechIdM. We focused on the completion of contracted projects and stabilization, strengthening of our knowledge. Changes in 2013 – For our customers we manage through CzechIdM over 2mil accounts. – […]

21. 1. 2014 •

Managing Google Apps accounts with CzechIdM

In this article we will show how to manage Google Apps accounts with CzechIdM.

2. 12. 2013 •

When you say CzechIdM

What is CzechIdM? The CzechIdM Identity Manager is a tool providing central and automatic management of all user identities (accounts, groups etc.) in the whole network, with no negative impact on the work of the current system. CzechIdM communicates with end systems in their native protocols (LDAP, JDBC, SSH, …). CzechIdM is usually connected to […]

7. 6. 2012 •