Year 2013 in BCV

2013 in BCV

2013 was for us and for our customers the year, of massive increase in managed accounts and number of systems connected to CzechIdM. We focused on the completion of contracted projects and stabilization, strengthening of our knowledge.

Changes in 2013

– For our customers we manage through CzechIdM over 2mil accounts.

– We have developed new connectors for CzechIdM: Vera, Active Directory, Siebel, Matrix,   Navision, Fama, FIS CVUT, Medea, eIdentity, MS-Exchange 2010, OpenAM, Liferay, Sun Access Management, AW Caesar, VPN, Sun Portal.

– We went through an external audit of accounts for years 2011-2013.

– Traffic on our blog is still increasing. For year 2013 it makes 150%.

– We achieved two new references from our customers.


Developing and improving our product 

–  We managed plenty of internal trainings

– We developed need product suited up for medical devices –

– We changed the internal development methodology to more agile.

– We take the speed of development into whole new level.

– We released 2 new versions of CzechIdM.

– We migrated Oracle Cluster from 10g to 11g.

– We are testing more, until now, 40% spent time is dedicated to testing.


For 2014

We are preparing a product surprise! Coming soon :)

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