Take a look at new CzechIdM 7 GUI!

We have developed a new CzechIdM 7 product base on our previous experiences from our bigger and smaller projects and custommers. The key was to collect the most important features and put them into a user-friendly design with the possibility to install CzechIdM 7 by yourself. It was challenging and still is. We are still working on some features and this process will continue, as we want to bring the best possible product to the market and keep it evolving. Take a look at the screenshots from the CzechIdM 7 GUI. More to come:-)

Profile tab includes all information about the identity, its role, contract position and access to company systems.

Tab Tasks includes all unresolved tasks assigned to your identity.

Users tab shows all users you are authorized to manage. You can set rights for user management to read, edit, delete or disable.

Tab Organization shows a tree structure of your organization (or more organizations) or its branch that you are allowed to see.

Roles tab is used to grant various types of authorization for access and to mange rights to your systems and CzechIdM

Audit shows all users activities and the full history of identities. You can also limit audit rights for different users.

Notifications tab shows all CzechIdM system notifications. You can also create notifications templates here.

Settings tab is a super admin tab for configuring CzechIdM, managing modules, passwords, and workflows.

We gave you a sneak preview of the GUI and the basic features of CzechIdM 7. There is many many more behind CzechIdM 7 and we will describe it in later articles. Thank you for reading :-)

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CEO, Identity Management consultant with 10+ years of experience. I have also played a leadership role in the development of our company's own SW tool - CzechIdM. We also service our delivered solutions. Please see www.CzechIdM.com and linkedin for more info: www.linkedin.com/in/lukascirkva/

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