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CzechIdM 7 – product description

CzechIdM 7 is the latest generation of the identity manager, which administers over 3 million user accounts in not only Czech companies. Our experience from managing identities of our existing customers has been used during its development. This version is the answer to requests of users, administrators, and developers.

Check out our online demo at http://demo.czechidm.com/ and see our precious.

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Take a look at new CzechIdM 7 GUI!

We have developed a new CzechIdM 7 product base on our previous experiences from our bigger and smaller projects and custommers. The key was to collect the most important features and put them into a user-friendly design with the possibility to install CzechIdM 7 by yourself. It was challenging and still is. We are still working on some features and this process will continue, as we want to bring the best possible product to the market and keep it evolving. Take a look at the screenshots from the CzechIdM 7 GUI. More to come:-)

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