CzechIdM, full documentation available online, where?

CzechIdM is an opensource identity management tool that automates the operations associated with establishing, canceling, or changing identity lifecycle. We create and offer CzechIdM as a product. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible, a good GUI and a pleasant UX. That’s why documentation is very important to us.
CzechIdM documentation can be divided into basic 3 areas. For developers, administrators and implementers, and for users.

Documentation for administrators:
  1. CzechIdM main Features
  2. Demo: Getting Started
  3. Prerequisites and system requirements
  4. Server Preparation
  5. CzechIdM installation guide
  6. Roadmap
Doc for developers, the main source is the code, wiki, and the REST API in swagger:
…and CzechIdM SW:

About Lukáš Cirkva

CEO, Identity Management consultant with 10+ years of experience. I have also played a leadership role in the development of our company's own SW tool - CzechIdM. We also service our delivered solutions. Please see and linkedin for more info:

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