CzechIdM 7 – easy app configuration and module activation

New version of CzechIdM brings new approach to the application configuration. We can use easy static configuration or define configuration properties in the application itself and do some advanced magic. In the article we will go through the application configuration and show the reader how easily activate installed modules.

Static configuration

CzechIdM configuration is located in the file This configuration is read at the application start. If changed, new properties will be applied after application restart. This approach has several benefits:

  • easy to edit
  • changes can be prepared in advance
  • setting can be versioned e.g. in git

Dynamic configuration

If the static approach is not desired e.g. we don’t want to give administrator access to file system or don’t want to restart the application, we can change the configuration dynamically via web GUI.

All keys in configuration file can be overridden via GUI in menu Settings → Configuration. When the configuration property is set, the change takes place instantly. The configuration properties defined in application is stored in DB. Of course you can define also keys that are not present in the configuration file.

Administrators see all static configuration properties in GUI too. So to override the property, one can just C&P the keys and just use own values.

Module activation

CzechIdM is strongly modular. It mean that whole application – frontend and backend – is divided into modules. Some are really essential like CORE, ACC and IC and in fact forms the application itself.

Modularity brings many benefits:

  • easy to deploy and use – one can install CzechIdM with essential modules really quickly. Then add only those modules you really need.
  • quick update/upgrade – you can update only specified modules
  • clear configuration – every module has its own configuration properties
  • projspec changes in separate module – every project specific implementation can be done in one projspec module. Thus you keep differences with product at one place and once again you can easily upgrade CzechIdM and keep your changes untouched.
  • CzechIdM offers also optional modules which are e.g: REG, OPENAM, PWD-RESET, CA, EXAMPLE.

To activate the module just go to the menu item Setting -> Modules and find the module on the card Modules (backend) or Modules (frontend). Then click the button at the end of the line to activate/deactivate it. It does not matter if you choose BE or FE part of the module, the complement will be activated/deactivated automatically.

More read

If you are interested in the topic, you can read more in our administrator’s guide. You can e.g. find there the approach, how to configure processors.

If you have any questions or comment feel free to comment on redmine, github or email me on

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