Workflow – just another buzzword in identity management? No…

Workflow is a magic word almost like MAC, both has several meanings. Which meaning is the right one in case of workflow? What does it represent in the identity management context, you will find out in the article.

Workflow – what we use it for?

Workflow is in CzechIdM usually used to represent identity process e.g. “Enabled contract”. Workflow is a piece of code that

For those familiar with automata theory, it is really similar to finite-state machine.

Workflow diagram

Workflow has its diagram which is the best way for describing it.

When workflow instance is in progress or ended, the red line symbolize the path through the workflow states.

Workflow definition and import

We work with workflows in a very similar way as with scripts. Workflow has its agenda in GUI, where you can import them without need to restart the CzechIdM. Or you can prepare workflow in a file and let the application to load it after next restart.

Workflow audit

As all other objects in CzechIdM, workflow runs are audited. Administrators can see the workflow instances runs history in GUI of course together with its diagram.

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More details about workflows in CzechIdM are to be found in Administrator’s guide. If you have any questions or comment feel free to comment on redmine, github or email me on Also join our google group to keep in touch with CzechIdM news.

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