Upcoming changes to CzechIdM

I will summarize forthcoming changes and improvements for next version of CzechIdM in this article.

Hiding the splash image

Each time, you log into CzechIdM, it displays generic image outlining the general structure. Are you tired of it? From this time, you will be immediately redirected to another page where you can instantly begin administrating CzechIdM.

main page

Removing schemas from systems

Each system had the possibility to work with multiple schemas. However, this option was not used in practice and every time we used single “default” schema. Therefore, we have removed this possibility from CzechIdM and administrator will no longer be bothered by it. This will simplify the process of connecting new systems.

Editation of extended attributes


CzechIdM retains informations for each basic information such as login name or email. Of course it is necessary to store more attributes depending on connected end systems in practice. Therefore, every CzechIdM entity contains list of “Extended attributes”, which store these additional informations. These attributes are defined by their name and a single value. Previously, it was possible to edit through web interface only attributes, whose value was a String. Now we allow editing of the most basic data types, so you can change things like Date or Boolean values directly from the internet environment. In the past, such a change had to be carried out by a script.



The most interesting case involves modification of List of Strings. This is done in one input box, where the character ‘|’ is used as the separator between each String. If we want to use the character ‘|’ itself, we have to escape it with ‘\’. And if we want to use the character ‘\’, we have to write it in pair ‘\\’ like in Java.

Separation of rights for user and admin roles

To improve the safety of CzechIdM, we have divided the rights for admin and user roles. Previously, the rights for admin and user roles were set together. That was not very good approach, because we set sometimes too strong rights to administrators. This change will allow to separate administrators, who manage CzechIdM as such from managers, who manage only ordinary users.


If you have any comments or questions about these changes, please contact me at filip.mestanek@bcvsolutions.eu.

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