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How to connect Microsoft Active Directory into CzechIdM

Since MS AD is the major directory service spread across the enterprise environment, connecting it to our identity manager CzechIdM is one of the most frequent task we come across. This text is a short tutorial of how to manage accounts of users in AD via an identity manager CzechIdM. It will guide you through […]

11. 4. 2018 •

Virtual systems in CzechIdM 7

Virtual systems is one of main section in CzechIdM. In CzechIdM you can have many connected systems. But not for all systems is necessary to be connected directly. For example system with a few users can be connected as virtual system, because connection to system like that will not be used that many times like […]

5. 1. 2018 •

Workflow – just another buzzword in identity management? No…

Workflow is a magic word almost like MAC, both has several meanings. Which meaning is the right one in case of workflow? What does it represent in the identity management context, you will find out in the article.

13. 11. 2017 •

CzechIdM 7.5 Emerald is out

Three weeks after the Diamond was released, here comes a new stable version of CzechIdM called Emerald. It provides many interesting new features as well as some bugfixes. Check out the post to see what brings the latest version of our identity manager. Provisioning brake If you have a system connected to CzechIdM, e.g. MS […]

30. 10. 2017 •

Roles in CzechIdM – who approves their assigning?

Identity manager helps on the field of privileges management. It can solve tasks like roles evidence and distribution or role assignment to users. Another benefit of identity manager is that role assignment can usually be driven by workflow and user tasks. How does it work in CzechIdM, you will find out in the article.

16. 10. 2017 •

Certificate authority module in CzechIdM, part2 – the execution engine

In the first part of our series, we discussed important features the company’s certificate authority should have. In today’s post, we will present the CAW, our execution engine. Read on.

9. 10. 2017 •

Identity lifecycle processes in CzechIdM 7

Everyone knows that an identity manager automatically handles access rights of users in connected systems. But how does it do that? CzechIdM 7 comes with a set of default processes that do the job. What are they about you will find out in the article.

1. 10. 2017 •

Certificate authority module in CzechIdM, part1 – the overview

Many companies use an on-premise certificate authority (CA) for their internal purposes. Without a doubt, one specific function of the certificate authority in a company is handling users’ certificates. Those certificates are bound to physical persons and as such, they fit neatly into the identity management problematics. For this reason, CzechIdM implements the CA functionality […]

25. 9. 2017 •

CzechIdM manages MS AD cross domain groups

In MS Active Directory, groups can have members not only from the same domain but also from other trusted domains. This is determined by “type” of a group. Such cross domain group membership can be now managed by CzechIdM.

22. 9. 2017 •

How to report a bug or a feature request for CzechIdM?

  We are glad you are using our product. Sometimes it happens, that you find some functionality that may not work correctly. Or you need some new features to be added to CORE, ACC or IC module. In this article we will show you, how to report the bug or the feature request.

6. 9. 2017 •