Press release: CzechIdM is the IT product of the Year 2011

Our Identity Management solution CzechIdM has won the second round of the competition for the best IT product of the year for 2011 in the category of “Enterprise Software” and has qualified for the finals. The award was announced by the IT magazine Computerworld from IDG Publishing.

About CzechIdM

CzechIdM Identity Manager provides a complete solution for user account management for medium-sized enteprises, local government and health care without having to pay for SW licenses. The CzechIdM solution presents a more affordable alternative to existing products from Oracle, IBM and Novell.

CzechIdM is a system that manages user accounts and their relationship to individual applications and data. Implementation is very easy, because there is no need to install anything in the managed IT systems. The main benefit for customers is the ability to manage account automization in  different systems which results in greater security and an auditable environment.
“IT Product of the Year award merely highlights our efforts to invest in developing this solution. CzechIdM provides the maximum benefits of centralized identity management usable in the Czech market, while the licenses are provided free of charge. Compared to other commercial solutions on the market, you pay only for the work of our professional consultants and in a predetermined range and quality. “Says Lukas Cirkva, CEO.
For more information about CzechIdM, principles of implementation, about why they pay for licenses and much more, visit


About the IT Product of the Year

The main objective of the IT product of the year awards is to show products in information and communication technologies which possess characteristics which significantly differ from those of their competitors in the same category. When evaluating the products, emphasis is put on the benefits of the product for the customer.
Sample CzechIdM in the IT product by 2011

About BCV Solutions

BCV Solutions Ltd. is a Czech based company which provides IT solutions and services. It has been on the market since 2008. In recent years, our consultants have participated in the implementation of Identity Management for businesses such as CD Cargo, CEZ ICT Services Inc., General Faculty Hospital in Prague, UniCredit Leasing Inc., West Bohemia University, and others.



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