Mailserver CommuniGate and CzechIdM

A few days ago the list of systems that can connect to the Identity Management CzechIdM, found a new arrival. CommuniGate Mailserver. In the article we will show you the possibilities that the newly implemented connector offers, and highlight the technologies that I used for the development of the connector.

What connector do?

One of our customers wanted to every newcomer employees automatically based e-mail account. The entire company uses a single domain to an existing mailserver, CommuniGate. The new connector must serve the entire life cycle of identities and related requirements:

What brought it in practice?

The customer received mainly automatic supervision over the administration of accounts mailserver. Employees didn’t have to fill out paper applications for setting up the mailbox, all addresses have a uniform shape derived from the name and server accounts ceased to be littered with abandoned long ago. And perhaps most importantly: any action is safely registered in the audit log.

How the connector works inside?

The CommuniGate provides a simple web service that allows you to use an extensive set of text commands accomplish virtually anything that an administrator might come to mind. Above this service, there are many interfaces for different programming languages.
Since the development of the connectors typically use the Connector Framework written in Java, I reached for the Java package CGProCLI.jar that the vast majority of console commands implements the methods in a single class – com.stalker.CGPro.CGProCLI.

How to configure the connector correctly?

cGProCLI.createAccount(accountUid + "@" + config.getDomainName(),settings,null,false);

Password change

cGProCLI.setAccountPassword(accountUid + "@" + config.getDomainName(), password);


cGProCLI.setAccuntSettings(accountUid + "@" + config.getDomainName(), settings);

Account list

Hashtable accounts = cGProCLI.listAccounts(config.getDomainName());


boolean result = cGProCLI.verifyAccountPassword(uid + "@" + config.getDomainName(), password);


cli.deleteAccount(uid + "@" + config.getDomainName());

How to configure the connector correctly?

In order for the connector to work properly, enter only six data:


In the article, I present to you a new connector that allows you to connect to mailserver CommuniGate Identity Management CzechIdM. If you like about the connector to ask a question, you can write to me at the address At this address you can write to me, moreover, even if you wanted to ask something else :-). I will answer!

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