Key benefits of Identity Management

How can an identity management help in your company? Here are key benefits for different employee roles in the organization.
For users
  1. Self-service
    1. Password reset
    2. New permissions and accounts requests
    3. Overview of current permissions and accounts
  2. Overview of contracted positions, contact information

For supervisors
  1. Overview of subordinate’s permissions + self-service to change them
  2. Accelerating the process of joining and leaving job of the subordinates
  3. Time restrictions on rights, for example, for contractors, automatic notifications
For IT security
  1. Password Policies – setting and enforcement
  2. Approval of roles based on their importance
  3. Managed account interference, incorrect accounts are deleted at startup
  4. Fulfilling security standards from the point of view of user rights management
For IT workers
  1. Automate manual management (removal of operatives) – save time
  2. Clear overview about accounts and rights
  3. Significant simplification of the preparation of audit evidence
For company management
  1. Saving time for delegated workers
  2. IT can focus on maintenance and development of the environment, not operative
  3. Reduce the number of helpdesk requests
  4. Increase the security of sensitive data, especially after leaving or relocating the worker

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