Introducing CzechIdM modules – [reg] – user registration

Reg module servers as a registration point for new users to access CzechIdM. To be a registered user, one has to go through several validation steps before he can log in to CzechIdM. In the article we will describe, how the reg module can save administrator’s time.

Automatic identities creation

CzechIdM is a powerful system for identity management. There are many ways of how to create an identity there e.g. Synchronization or via REST API. However those are more or less automatic ways of identities import.

Users self-registration

Sometimes it is desirable to let the users register for themselves e.g. if you use the CzechIdM for external contractors account management or company customers accounts management, you really don’t want your administrators to do all the registrations manually. Instead every user can register himself using  the user registration module – reg.

It enables the self registration of the user with optional validation steps – captcha, email validation, entrusting user approval.

The module consist of:

Roles and self-registered users

When the user finish the registration process and pass all the validation steps, he has fully working identity created in CzechIdM. Moreover, the identity has its default contracted position and the best at the end, it also gets automatic roles.

If the administrator sets automatic roles for the organization tree in which the self-registered users are placed, he gets them without haste. No other admin work is needed.

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How to setup and use the module you can read in administrator’s guide. CzechIdM has many additional modules, choose some. If you have any questions or comment feel free to comment on redmine, github or email me on

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