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Task scheduler is a tool in CzechIdM which manages long running operations. One can plan to run tasks automatically in scheduled terms or start them manually. They e.g. manage personnel processes like End of contract or Enabled contract. Moreover, password expiration, automatic roles assigning and other task are also managed by task scheduler. In current version of CzechIdM you are not only able to find list of tasks and their detail, but every detail now show the history of processed object (e.g. identities). But that is not at all, new version of task scheduler brings the feature of Dry run! Read on.

First of all, it is probably necessary to explain a difference between LongRunningTask and ScheduledTask because for my implementation it was one of the obstacles I had to face.

LongRunningTask vs. ScheduledTask

ScheduledTask is created on page  Scheduled tasks by clicking on add button in the right corner of page. After that we have ScheduledTask which has its own list of processed items of course empty now. First run of this ScheduledTask is created when we hit run button.

The run creates LongRunningTask  that is available on the page All tasks. New  LongRunningTask, let say”A”, works with ScheduleTask A history of processed items and won’t process them again.

LongRunningTask detail

As you can see in the picture, task detail was extended by Started information, which tell us exact time when the task was started. The second change is in Task duration. If you hover over this information with mouse you will see exact time of how long does this task run.

But mainly in this page you can newly see table of items which were processed by current Long running task.

History of all processed items

Here you will find all entities processed by current Scheduled task. It means that these entities won’t be processed by next Long running task created from the same scheduled task. Also operations add and delete were implemented in this history table.


This feature allows us to see preview of items which will be processed by this task without actually processing them. Basically we just start this task with blue button Run which gives task parameter Dryrun =  true.

Final result will show table items which were “dry-run” and won’t add anything into the history table.

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More details about scheduled or in other words long running tasks in CzechIdM are to be found in Administrator’s guide. If you have any questions or comment feel free to comment on redmine, github or email me on marek.klement@bcvsolutions.eu. Also join our google group to keep in touch with CzechIdM news.

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