CzechIdM is now completely free for your use

These days every company needs to save money as well as time. Getting a new project through is a difficult task. There are also more and more demands put on  IT departments for maintaining a high level of security.

An Identity Management solution can help you do this. It manages user accounts, roles, groups, organization placement and their relation to individual applications and data. How to set up your centralized identity management without the high cost of licences?


BCV solutions s.r.o., a leader in the Identity and Access Management sector is just the company to help you do this.  CzechIdM has been under development since 2010 and now manages more than 2,000,000 accounts. CzechIdM is now available for free under the LGPL Open Source licence.

Why has our company taken this step?

“Since BCV solutions was founded in 2008, our aim has been to help firms with their Identity Management needs. The demand for CzechIdM has been steadily growing for years now. Due to the fact that we want to maintain the quality of our implementations, we are keeping our growth in check. We have therefore decided to make CzechIdM available for free to everybody,” says Lukáš Cirkva, founder of BCV solutions s.r.o.



How can CzechIdM help you?

CzechIdM provides complete solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, civil service institutions and medical facilities. Our solutions are much more affordable for such companies than existing solutions from big brand name competitors.

“Whoever downloads CzechIdM will be able to install it, connect the systems easily and, most importantly of all, start using it immediately,” says Lukáš Cirkva.

For download please visit our web site

About BCV solutions s.r.o.

BCV solutions is a Czech company based in Prague and is focused on providing IT solutions and services. We help to improve Identity and Access Management. Our aim is to make companies safer and more efficient by simplifying user management across companies’ systems.


tel.: +420 724 111 809

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