Database interface of HR system Vema

Human resources system Vema is very popular in Czech Republic and is used by a number of governmental institutions and commercial companies. We often encounter it by our customers as a part of our integrations projects. Vema is a typical source of informations about employees for our identity manager. Vema cannot usually provide real-time access to data, one usually gets a regular night export to CSV files. But there is a way, how to access data in real-time. The developer of Vema system developed a module that can export personal data in real time to the Oracle relational database. And this is the content of this article.


Vema versions

Module HE0064, which enables exports to the SQL database, works in live operations at several our customers. I know certainly, that it works for Vema versions 28.03.02 and newer. If you are using an older version, please contact the Vema provider. I believe, you have a chance to succeed.

Oracle XE

Export module HE0064 can communicate only with Oracle databases. Don’t be disappointed, you do not need to pay big money for licences, Oracles provides a basic Oracle database Express Edition for free. You won’t create a GeoCluster with that, but for communication with Vema it’s more than enough.

Database structure

Vema exports the data into eleven database tables. You can easily prepare them with an SQL script, which i will not describe here, but i want, i can send it on request by email (

The tables contains all the data with which the HR system works – data on employees, contracts, organization structures, … This is all accompanied by several useful columns with timestamps – you can easily recognize, which records were modified.

Online and full export

The module offers two types of exports – online exports, which react to changes in real-time a update only the data, which were changed. And full exports, which perform a complete export of all data in personal system.

We usually use a combination of both at our customers – once a week a full export as a control of continuously running online exports.


In the article i responded to a question that i ma so often asked: yes, there is a way to easily export data from Vema into the database in real time. It is the HE0064 module and it runs at several our customers. We have excellent experience with it. If you want to know more about it, feel free to ask me at

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